Bonus for staying at Renaissance Resort Okinawa

Renaissance Resort Okinawa where I am currently staying. I’m not sure if it’s provided by the hotel or by the travel agency, but it comes with two free dinners and one free dessert.

Dessert can be enjoyed in the lounge on the first floor, but it is a sundae with plenty of raw mango. No, it should have a more fancy name, but that’s what I said. You can choose from 3 types, but this is my choice.

Mango sweet
Mango sweet

It’s in a stylish glass. Besides mango, nata de coco, black tapioca grains, and ice cream. The price on the menu is 1300 yen. Also includes a free drink.

Of course it should be included in the tour price, but hmmm. It’s good to produce a feeling of profit.