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  • Onna village Umibudo Restaurant

    Onna village Umibudo Restaurant

    After playing in Churaumi, let’s have a meal. At first, even Agu pork shabu-shabu was a lively thing to say, but we are not ready to pay 3,000 yen per person, so it was downgraded at once. Changed to an interesting Okinawan restaurant, Umibudo Restaurant, that we found while driving. Umibudo Restaurant has a bright atmosphere. What we took was a set meal of Okinawan cuisine, Somin Chanpur. The set meal fuchanpur was also good. I provided my children with a set meal of Yanbaru pork grilled with ginger, which resembles to Agu pork. The price was about 4,000 yen for 5 people… If we went to eat Agu shabu-shabu, it might be the […]

  • Taste Aguu Pork (Yanbaru Island Pork) at Ufuya

    Taste Aguu Pork (Yanbaru Island Pork) at Ufuya

    As I wrote in “Dinning at Ufuya“, Ufuya is a restaurant serving island pork, Okinawan cuisine, and Okinawa soba. The Yanbaru Island pork served here is not a pure breed of Aguu pig, but is a hybrid of the Ryukyu native breed Aguu, the American black pig Duroc and the British Parkshire pig. “Ganaha Chikusan” has registered “Aguu” as a trademark of JA Okinawa, so it ships pigs crossed with Aguu and Western pigs under the name of “Yanbaru Island Pork.” By the way, the pork that is written as “アグー” in katakana is also a hybrid, not the original Aguu. Okinawan islands traditional pigs (called Shimabuta or Aguu) are the name of Okinawan pigs […]