Ishigaki Chili Oil by Penguin Restaurant


This is the famous penguin restaurant’s Ishigakijima chili oil. Actually, I bought it online, not when I went on a trip to Okinawa. In connection with regional revitalization, I had the opportunity to read a book called “The Story of Ishigaki Island Chili Oil Made by a Penguin Couple” , and I wanted to actually try the taste, so I bought it.

Ishigakijima chili oil is a very popular product, and many shops that sell it online are out of stock, and the price is more than double what I was told. Well, even so, I bought only one as a trial.

Ishigaki Island chili oil is the first of this kind of eating chili oil, so there are a lot of ingredients. The taste is mild and rich, and it is certainly delicious. You can eat it over rice. However, it is not chili oil for eating dumplings deliciously.