Diving in Okinawa: fascinating coral sea!

Okinawa has many small islands surrounded by coral sea. There are so many diving spots and diving tours to visit there.

Diving tour in Okinawa

There are diving tours in remote islands such as Ishigaki, and diving tours that visit near Okinawa main island. You can choose diving tours depending on where you stay.

Kerama Islands diving tours usually depart from Naha City. So they are quite easy to participate.

Minna Island and Sesoko Island are near Okinawa main Island. So the diving tours that visit Minna Island and Sesoko Island start from Tancha or other nearby ports.

Miyako Island and Ishigaki Island are located between Okinawa Island and Taiwan. So to get there, you need to fly from Naha Airport.

Blue Cave diving tours are available from Onna area, a very popular marine resort area.