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  • Emerald Beach in Okinawa, how to get there

    Emerald Beach in Okinawa, how to get there

    Emerald Beach overlook Emerald Beach is known for its crystal-clear waters, white sand, and beautiful greenery. The beach is part of the Ocean Expo Park, which is a popular tourist destination that features a variety of attractions, including the Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa’s largest aquarium. At Emerald Beach, visitors can enjoy a variety of water activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. The beach is also a popular spot for sunbathing and picnicking. The best time to visit Emerald Beach is during the summer months, from June to August, when the weather is warm and sunny. Tours to Emerald Beach in Okinawa There is no particular tours to visit Emerald […]

  • Diving in Okinawa’s fascinating coral sea!

    Okinawa has many small islands surrounded by coral sea. There are so many diving spots and diving tours to visit there. Diving tour in Okinawa There are diving tours in remote islands such as Ishigaki, and diving tours that visit near Okinawa main island. You can choose diving tours depending on where you stay. Kerama Islands diving tours usually depart from Naha City. So they are quite easy to participate. Minna Island and Sesoko Island are near Okinawa main Island. So the diving tours that visit Minna Island and Sesoko Island start from Tancha or other nearby ports. Miyako Island and Ishigaki Island are located between Okinawa Island and Taiwan. […]

  • Beautiful Iriomote, a hidden treasure of Okinawa. Kayaking and Caving.

    Beautiful Iriomote, a hidden treasure of Okinawa. Kayaking and Caving.

    Iriomote Island is a part of Okinawa. Iriomote Island is famous for its untouched wilderness. Entire Iriomote Island is covered with rush semi-tropical forest. On the island, you can enjoy adventurous outdoor activities. For example, kayaking, caving, canyoning and snorkeling are popular. Adventure tours in Iriomote Island There are several tours available in Iriomote Island. And all tours start from within Iriomote Island. So you should go to Iriomote Island by yourselves anyway. To get there, you take a ferryboat from Ishigaki Island. There is no flight to Iriomote.

  • Challenging to snorkeling

    Challenging to snorkeling

    At a first glance, everyone is enjoying snorkeling in the coral sea of Okinawa. In reality, my second son was crying because the sea is deeper than his hight. He has tried snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef in Australia but he couldn’t leave from the boat. He failed to revenge but you can enjoy snorkeling there!

  • Feeding rays

    Feeding rays

    At Renaissance Resort Okinawa, there are many attractions that you can enjoy inside the hotel, and one of them is feeding rays. Three types of rays are bred on the hotel premises, and you can actually feed the rays under the instruction of the staff. The bait is raw fish. On this day, the rays did not come soon, probably because they were not very hungry. Still, unlike the “feeding carp”, which is very common in Japan, feeding rays will remain in your memory.

  • Kayaking in Okinawa

    Kayaking in Okinawa

    Kayaking tours in Okinawa Kayaking can be experienced in many places in Okinawa. I tried kayaking in Okinawa main island and Iriomote Island. Kayaking in case of my family In Okinawa, the weather is going downhill from tomorrow, so today is full of activities. I also challenged kayaking with two boys. My second son, who is 8 years old, is not good at boats, so he was reluctant, but today the waves are calm and warm. He seems to be feeling better while doing it. After a while, I would like to try something like an eco-tour, where we explore by rowing kayak together.

  • Renaissance Resort Okinawa: ideal for Families with small children

    Renaissance Resort Okinawa: ideal for Families with small children

    For my family, recently, the Renaissance Resort Okinawa has become a regular place to stay. We came three years ago and liked it and have been using the same hotel every year since then. The beach is right in front of you, and there are plenty of restaurants. What’s more, if you stay on a package tour that includes an air ticket, a rental car, and a hotel stay, you can get a free meal, which is quite a bargain. In front of the terrace of the restaurant where breakfast is served, there is a sandy beach and then a beach. As soon as the children were full, they ran to the beach. The second […]

  • Churaumi Aquarium and Ocean Expo Park

    Churaumi Aquarium and Ocean Expo Park

    What my children (actually, myself) were most looking forward to during their trip to Okinawa was the Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu Town, near the northern tip of the main island of Okinawa . Everyone gets excited when they see a real whale shark. I had only an image of Churaumi Aquarium = whale sharks , so I was a little surprised when I looked at the guidebook to decide the itinerary for this trip. The Ocean Expo Park (official name is Okinawa Memorial Park Ocean Expo Park ), where the Churaumi Aquarium is located , is also large. You can enjoy the impressions of the actual visit! After seeing the Churaumi Aquarium, I let the children play on the beach, […]

  • Emerald Beach at Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

    Emerald Beach at Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

    Emerald Beach is located at the northern end of Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park . It is quite a distance from the Churaumi Aquarium on foot. The photo below was taken on the way to Emerald Beach on foot. Emerald Beach is a man-made beach, but the white sand beach is very beautiful. It is covered with coral sand, and 3,000 people can swim at once. It was March when my family visited, so there were few people swimming, but the children were delighted just by playing in the water. Since they didn’t have swimsuits, the children took off their trousers and jackets and jabbed. Have a blast picking up pieces of coral. The sun is […]