Okichan Theater Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

Okichan Theater is a dolphin show in the Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park . Well, if it’s just a dolphin show, you can see it in aquariums here and there these days, and depending on the place, there’s also a killer whale show, so honestly that’s more powerful.

Then what is the selling point of Okichan Theater ? Admission is free. As expected of a national park, they are generous. I think people who come all the way to Okinawa will try to pay even if they say, “It’s 1,000 yen,” but it’s free!

Another selling point is the place where false killer whales, dolphins that look like whales (without a pointed mouth), perform a show. I have never seen a false killer whale show anywhere else.

At the Okichan Theater, the star of the show is the bottlenose dolphin (pictured below).

Okichan show

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