Okinawa Shurijo Castle Shureimon

The famous Shureimon gate was the main gate of Shurijo Castle, and was used on the 2,000 yen note.

It came to be called Shureimon because the word “守禮之邦 (守礼之邦)” is written on the plaque (the plaque on the top of the gate). It is said to have been built by King Shosei (reigned 1527-1555).

It is said that when the envoys from China, the Sapposhi, came to visit, they would raise the plaque of “Shurei no Kuni” to show that Ryukyu is a country that values ​​etiquette. At other times, the forehead “Shuri” was displayed.

The former Shureimon was burned down during the Battle of Okinawa, and the current Shureimon was rebuilt in 1958.


In this area, you can use a service that allows you to take a commemorative photo in traditional Ryukyu costumes.

Also, it is said that it is sometimes lit up at night, so if you are visiting Shuri at night, be sure to check it out.

Tours to visit Shureimon

Visit to Shureimon is included in the tours to visit Shurijo Castle.