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  • Tamaudun in Shuri, Okinawa

    Tamaudun in Shuri, Okinawa

    Tamaudun is located near the ruins of Shuri Castle, a short walk from the Shureimon Gate, and is a mausoleum of successive generations of the Ryukyu royal family nestled in greenery. It was built in 1501 by King Sho Shin of the Ryukyus (reigned 1477-1526) to rebury the remains of his father, King Sho En, from a place called Mikamimoriryo. have become. The last person to be buried at Gyokuryo was King Sho Tai in 1901. You can see the situation at that time in the photograph. The tomb chamber of Tamaudun is divided into three. In the above photo (composite), the entrance gate to the courtyard is visible, and three entrances can be […]

  • Sonohyan Utaki Stone Gate of Shurijo Castle, Okinawa

    Sonohyan Utaki Stone Gate of Shurijo Castle, Okinawa

    Sonohyan Utaki Ishimon is a stone gate located near Shureimon after exiting the castle gate of Shurijo Castle. It is a rustic gate that you will not notice anything if you pass it, but it is designated as one of the World Heritage Sites. Utaki is a place of worship in Ryukyu, and there is a place called Shurimori Mitake in Shurijo Castle. Sonohyan Utaki was once an important place where the Ryukyu King prayed for the safety of his journey to and from Shurijo Castle. It seems that the mountain area that spreads out behind the stone gate was a sanctuary, and there used to be a stone worship hall. It is said […]

  • Okinawa Shurijo Castle Shureimon

    Okinawa Shurijo Castle Shureimon

    The famous Shureimon gate was the main gate of Shurijo Castle, and was used on the 2,000 yen note. It came to be called Shureimon because the word “守禮之邦 (守礼之邦)” is written on the plaque (the plaque on the top of the gate). It is said to have been built by King Shosei (reigned 1527-1555). It is said that when the envoys from China, the Sapposhi, came to visit, they would raise the plaque of “Shurei no Kuni” to show that Ryukyu is a country that values ​​etiquette. At other times, the forehead “Shuri” was displayed. The former Shureimon was burned down during the Battle of Okinawa, and the current Shureimon was rebuilt in […]

  • Enkakuji Temple Ruins and Benzaitendo in Shuri

    Enkakuji Temple Ruins and Benzaitendo in Shuri

    I drove to Shuri Castle from Kokusai Street in Naha where I stayed. Enter Shuri according to the car navigation system and look for a parking lot from the Shurijo Castle Park Management Center, but no parking lot is full. When I had no choice but to go around Shurijo Castle, I found a small parking lot on the street (Tokura-dori) on the north side of Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts. There seemed to be few people coming to this side, so it was empty. Even if you park your car here, it will take less than 10 minutes to reach Shuri Castle. We headed for Shurijo Castle through a narrow street called Ryutan – dori . Enkakuji […]