Emerald Beach at Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

Emerald Beach is located at the northern end of Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park . It is quite a distance from the Churaumi Aquarium on foot. The photo below was taken on the way to Emerald Beach on foot.

Emerald Beach
Emerald Beach

Emerald Beach is a man-made beach, but the white sand beach is very beautiful. It is covered with coral sand, and 3,000 people can swim at once.

It was March when my family visited, so there were few people swimming, but the children were delighted just by playing in the water.

Since they didn’t have swimsuits, the children took off their trousers and jackets and jabbed. Have a blast picking up pieces of coral.

The sun is so bright and the sand is so white that when I set my camera to auto, it’s hard to get a realistic impression. When I opened the aperture and shot it, it turned out to be a rather surreal sight.



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