Sonohyan Utaki Stone Gate of Shurijo Castle, Okinawa

Sonohyan Utaki Ishimon is a stone gate located near Shureimon after exiting the castle gate of Shurijo Castle. It is a rustic gate that you will not notice anything if you pass it, but it is designated as one of the World Heritage Sites.

Sonohyan Utaki
Sonohyan Utaki

Utaki is a place of worship in Ryukyu, and there is a place called Shurimori Mitake in Shurijo Castle.

Sonohyan Utaki was once an important place where the Ryukyu King prayed for the safety of his journey to and from Shurijo Castle.

It seems that the mountain area that spreads out behind the stone gate was a sanctuary, and there used to be a stone worship hall. It is said that the temple was built around 1519 by King Sho Shin (reigned 1477-1526 ), ​​who built Gyokuryo.

However, it was destroyed during the Battle of Okinawa, and in 1957 the area around Sekimon was restored.

This is also the place where Kikoe Ogimi, the highest-ranking goddess in the Ryukyu Kingdom, first visits when she ascends the throne . It seems that he went to (Sefa Utaki).

It is said that there are still people who come to worship at Sonohyan Utaki, just like other Utaki that remain in various parts of Okinawa.

Tours to visit Sonohyan Utaki

To visit Sonohyan Utaki, just take a tour to visit Shuri Castle. Sonohyan Utaki is located near the Shuri Gate.