Tamaudun in Shuri, Okinawa

Tamaudun is located near the ruins of Shuri Castle, a short walk from the Shureimon Gate, and is a mausoleum of successive generations of the Ryukyu royal family nestled in greenery.

It was built in 1501 by King Sho Shin of the Ryukyus (reigned 1477-1526) to rebury the remains of his father, King Sho En, from a place called Mikamimoriryo. have become. The last person to be buried at Gyokuryo was King Sho Tai in 1901. You can see the situation at that time in the photograph.


The tomb chamber of Tamaudun is divided into three. In the above photo (composite), the entrance gate to the courtyard is visible, and three entrances can be confirmed from the back left.

The middle room (middle room/drying room) is a room to enshrine the corpse before washing the bones. According to Okinawan customs, the corpse was waited until it was reduced to bones, then washed and purified before being buried.

The east room (on the left side) was where the king and queen were buried when it was first built. It is said that only a limited number of members of the royal family were buried in the West Chamber.

The structure of the entire Tamaudun is a stone structure that imitates the palace of the time.

Tamaudun was heavily damaged during the Battle of Okinawa and was destroyed considerably, but it has been restored to the present day.


There is still a place of worship on the grounds of Tamaudun, and there are many subtropical trees such as banyan trees, making it a quiet and relaxing place.

Tours to Tamaudun

Not many packaged tours visit Tamaudun. “Naha Full-Day Private Tour with Government Licensed Guide” is the most recommended.



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