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  • Emerald Beach in Okinawa, how to get there

    Emerald Beach in Okinawa, how to get there

    Emerald Beach overlook Emerald Beach is known for its crystal-clear waters, white sand, and beautiful greenery. The beach is part of the Ocean Expo Park, which is a popular tourist destination that features a variety of attractions, including the Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa’s largest aquarium. At Emerald Beach, visitors can enjoy a variety of water activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. The beach is also a popular spot for sunbathing and picnicking. The best time to visit Emerald Beach is during the summer months, from June to August, when the weather is warm and sunny. Tours to Emerald Beach in Okinawa There is no particular tours to visit Emerald […]

  • Diving in Okinawa’s fascinating coral sea!

    Okinawa has many small islands surrounded by coral sea. There are so many diving spots and diving tours to visit there. Diving tour in Okinawa There are diving tours in remote islands such as Ishigaki, and diving tours that visit near Okinawa main island. You can choose diving tours depending on where you stay. Kerama Islands diving tours usually depart from Naha City. So they are quite easy to participate. Minna Island and Sesoko Island are near Okinawa main Island. So the diving tours that visit Minna Island and Sesoko Island start from Tancha or other nearby ports. Miyako Island and Ishigaki Island are located between Okinawa Island and Taiwan. […]

  • Beautiful Iriomote, a hidden treasure of Okinawa. Kayaking and Caving.

    Beautiful Iriomote, a hidden treasure of Okinawa. Kayaking and Caving.

    Iriomote Island is a part of Okinawa. Iriomote Island is famous for its untouched wilderness. Entire Iriomote Island is covered with rush semi-tropical forest. On the island, you can enjoy adventurous outdoor activities. For example, kayaking, caving, canyoning and snorkeling are popular. Adventure tours in Iriomote Island There are several tours available in Iriomote Island. And all tours start from within Iriomote Island. So you should go to Iriomote Island by yourselves anyway. To get there, you take a ferryboat from Ishigaki Island. There is no flight to Iriomote.

  • Nakijin Castle

    Nakijin Castle

    Tours that visit Nakijin Castle Nakijin Castle is one of Okinawa’s World Heritage Sites. It is located about 110 km away from Naha Airport. So it is recommended to take a tour from Naha City. Nakijin Castle tours Nakijin Castle is included in some day or half-day tours. Please check below.

  • Zakimi Castle Ruins

    Zakimi Castle Ruins

    The Zakimi Castle Ruins is one of the Ryukyu World Heritage Sites. It seems that it was once used as a signal station for the US military. It is a small but beautiful castle with curving walls. About Zakimi Castle in Okinawa Zakimi Castle is located in Yomitan Village, Okinawa. The castle, which was built during the late 14th or early 15th century, is considered one of the most important examples of Ryukyuan gusuku, a type of fortress found in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. The castle was used as a military fortress during the Ryukyu Kingdom period, and it played a key role in the defense of the kingdom against […]

  • Katsuren Castle

    Katsuren Castle

    Katsuren Castle is one of the castle ruins that are part of Okinawa’s World Heritage Sites. Although the scale is smaller than that of Nakijin Castle Ruins , it is a beautiful castle ruin standing on the seaside. There is no regular tours to Nakajin Castle. Take one of customizable tours. The entrance to Katsuren Castle is across the street from the parking lot and small museum. Katsuren Castle doesn’t have much to offer, but the view of the sea is beautiful.

  • Sefa Utaki

    Sefa Utaki

    One of the places I wanted to visit the most in Okinawa was Sefa Utaki. It is a traditional sacred place in Okinawa, and at the same time, it is a place designated as a World Heritage Site. It has a deep connection with the royal family of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Tours to Sefa Utaki Sefa Utaki is not very far from Naha City. So some city tours include the visit to Sefa Utaki.

  • Gyokusendo Cave

    Gyokusendo Cave

    There are many limestone areas in Okinawa. So naturally there are limestone caves. But it’s an island, so I thought it wouldn’t be that big. Gyokusendo Cave, located in the Culture Kingdom Gyokudendo Okinawa World in the southern part of the main island of Okinawa, was quite large and enjoyable. The total length is more than 5 kilometers! Among them, about 890 meters are open to the public. There is an entrance to the limestone cave near the entrance of Culture Kingdom Okinawa World, and there is an exit at the far end of Culture Kingdom Okinawa World. In order to enter the cave, in addition to the entrance fee, you have to pay the entrance […]

  • Challenging to snorkeling

    Challenging to snorkeling

    At a first glance, everyone is enjoying snorkeling in the coral sea of Okinawa. In reality, my second son was crying because the sea is deeper than his hight. He has tried snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef in Australia but he couldn’t leave from the boat. He failed to revenge but you can enjoy snorkeling there!

  • Feeding rays

    Feeding rays

    At Renaissance Resort Okinawa, there are many attractions that you can enjoy inside the hotel, and one of them is feeding rays. Three types of rays are bred on the hotel premises, and you can actually feed the rays under the instruction of the staff. The bait is raw fish. On this day, the rays did not come soon, probably because they were not very hungry. Still, unlike the “feeding carp”, which is very common in Japan, feeding rays will remain in your memory.

  • Oishibayashiyama, Lime stone, Cycad and Irkanda

    Oishibayashiyama, Lime stone, Cycad and Irkanda

    Oishibayashiyama is located in the mountains near Cape Hedo. It is said to be the northernmost tropical karst (topography created by limestone erosion). Oishibayashiyama and Cape Hedo are located at the furthest end of Okinawa Island, so there are not so many opportunities to visit there. Try the tours below. Hiring a chauffeur-driven car is also a good option if you are traveling in a group. From the parking, a minibus takes you to the Oishibayashiyama mountain. Starting from a rest area in the mountain, you descend to the parking. There are four hiking trails to choose from. The required time is short, only about 30 minutes. I didn’t have time to go around […]

  • Yanbaru Kuina Observatory

    Yanbaru Kuina Observatory

    Cape Hedo, the northernmost point of the main island of Okinawa, is located in Kunigami Village. Near the Cape, there is Yanbaru Kuina Observatory. What the hell is that? It’s not just an observatory. Surprisingly, it is an observatory dressed as a real and super-giant Yanbaru Kuina, a rare bird species that lives only in this area of Okinawa Island. When you come from the parking lot, you will be greeted by Yanbaru Kuina’s butt. The head is pictured below. Please compare the size. My son is at its feet. But who created it and for what purpose? The scenery is outstanding, and this is where you can see Cape Hedo. On days when the […]

  • Hiji Waterfall (Kunigami Village)

    Hiji Waterfall (Kunigami Village)

    Tours to visit Hiji Waterfall There is no tour that visits Hiji Waterfall alone. There are some one-day or half-day tours, which include the visit to Hiji Waterfall such as “Naha Full-Day Private Tour with Government Licensed Guide“. Or if you are in a small group, it is ideal to hire a car. You can decide where to go. Our visit to Hiji Waterfall Today, We extended my trip to Kunigami Village, on the northern tip of the main island of Okinawa. The first place we visited was Hiji Waterfall. The largest waterfall on the main island of Okinawa. To get to this waterfall, we have to walk a mountain path about […]

  • Onna village Umibudo Restaurant

    Onna village Umibudo Restaurant

    After playing in Churaumi, let’s have a meal. At first, even Agu pork shabu-shabu was a lively thing to say, but we are not ready to pay 3,000 yen per person, so it was downgraded at once. Changed to an interesting Okinawan restaurant, Umibudo Restaurant, that we found while driving. Umibudo Restaurant has a bright atmosphere. What we took was a set meal of Okinawan cuisine, Somin Chanpur. The set meal fuchanpur was also good. I provided my children with a set meal of Yanbaru pork grilled with ginger, which resembles to Agu pork. The price was about 4,000 yen for 5 people… If we went to eat Agu shabu-shabu, it might be the […]

  • Churaumi Aquarium, The large aquarium of whale sharks impresses you no matter how many times you come

    Churaumi Aquarium, The large aquarium of whale sharks impresses you no matter how many times you come

    promised Churaumi Aquarium. The tour we took included a free entrance ticket to the Churaumi Aquarium. My wife seems to be getting tired of it (it’s the 4th time anyway), but boys (and I) love it. You can see somersaults of manta rays, and it is still an interesting large tank, but there are many photographs of whale sharks and manta rays. We recommend the coffee shop on the right side of the large aquarium. The seats in the back are set up right next to the aquarium, and you can enjoy the powerful fish while having a cup of tea. The second son, who can’t be satisfied without seeing all the exhibits, […]

  • Neopark Okinawa, Nago Natural Zoological and Botanical Park

    Neopark Okinawa, Nago Natural Zoological and Botanical Park

    Neopark Okinawa in Nago is surprisingly fun to go out with children. It’s a bit rustic and not very sophisticated, but my two young children especially love it. African birds greet us. African crested ibis, crowned crane, spoonbill, etc. They approach in groups to beg for food. These birds are quite large, so small children are scared of them. In the Latin America zone, such a vivid heart-shaped ibis approaches, begging for food. Some peacocks are accustomed to eating food directly. In addition, there are various zones (for a fee) where you can come into direct contact with animals. My eldest son, who was 10 years old then, said “it’s enough”, but the younger […]

  • Bonus for staying at Renaissance Resort Okinawa

    Bonus for staying at Renaissance Resort Okinawa

    Renaissance Resort Okinawa where I am currently staying. I’m not sure if it’s provided by the hotel or by the travel agency, but it comes with two free dinners and one free dessert. Dessert can be enjoyed in the lounge on the first floor, but it is a sundae with plenty of raw mango. No, it should have a more fancy name, but that’s what I said. You can choose from 3 types, but this is my choice. It’s in a stylish glass. Besides mango, nata de coco, black tapioca grains, and ice cream. The price on the menu is 1300 yen. Also includes a free drink. Of course it […]

  • Kayaking in Okinawa

    Kayaking in Okinawa

    Kayaking tours in Okinawa Kayaking can be experienced in many places in Okinawa. I tried kayaking in Okinawa main island and Iriomote Island. Kayaking in case of my family In Okinawa, the weather is going downhill from tomorrow, so today is full of activities. I also challenged kayaking with two boys. My second son, who is 8 years old, is not good at boats, so he was reluctant, but today the waves are calm and warm. He seems to be feeling better while doing it. After a while, I would like to try something like an eco-tour, where we explore by rowing kayak together.

  • Family fishing in Okinawa

    Family fishing in Okinawa

    Family fishing in the afternoon in Okinawa. Under the scorching sun, you can see the bait on the hook and also the fish swimming in clean water. But we caught nothing. Fishing tours in Okinawa There are some fishing tours available in Okinawa. Unlike the photo above, such fishing tours take you on boat. All equipment will be provided and beginners can also enjoy fishing. Results are not guaranteed though.

  • Renaissance Resort Okinawa: ideal for Families with small children

    Renaissance Resort Okinawa: ideal for Families with small children

    For my family, recently, the Renaissance Resort Okinawa has become a regular place to stay. We came three years ago and liked it and have been using the same hotel every year since then. The beach is right in front of you, and there are plenty of restaurants. What’s more, if you stay on a package tour that includes an air ticket, a rental car, and a hotel stay, you can get a free meal, which is quite a bargain. In front of the terrace of the restaurant where breakfast is served, there is a sandy beach and then a beach. As soon as the children were full, they ran to the beach. The second […]

  • Ice cream shop Big Dip in Okinawa

    Ice cream shop Big Dip in Okinawa

    Right now, I’m on a tour that includes an air ticket, accommodation, and a rental car. There are many extras, including a redemption ticket for ice cream. You can get it at a chain store called Big Dip in Naha. I wonder if this was once used by the US military, and there are things like this in the store.

  • Dinning at Okinawa Dining Gomaichigo

    Dinning at Okinawa Dining Gomaichigo

    On the way from the Naha airport to the hotel, we wanted to eat Ryukyu soba. When I asked my wife, “Which guidebook is this from?”, she replied, “Three years ago.” Restaurants change frequently, so this is no good.I had no choice but to drive and entered an izakaya-style restaurant, Daining Gomaichigo, on the first floor of a commercial building with my children. In this place, price is cheap and the taste is so so. The best thing was the fried soki. Children loved it most. Then Somin Chample. Pretty simple.The price was about 800 yen per person with one drink. We were quite satisfied.

  • Ishigaki Chili Oil by Penguin Restaurant

    Ishigaki Chili Oil by Penguin Restaurant

    This is the famous penguin restaurant’s Ishigakijima chili oil. Actually, I bought it online, not when I went on a trip to Okinawa. In connection with regional revitalization, I had the opportunity to read a book called “The Story of Ishigaki Island Chili Oil Made by a Penguin Couple” , and I wanted to actually try the taste, so I bought it. Ishigakijima chili oil is a very popular product, and many shops that sell it online are out of stock, and the price is more than double what I was told. Well, even so, I bought only one as a trial. Ishigaki Island chili oil is the first of this kind of eating […]

  • Taste Aguu Pork (Yanbaru Island Pork) at Ufuya

    Taste Aguu Pork (Yanbaru Island Pork) at Ufuya

    As I wrote in “Dinning at Ufuya“, Ufuya is a restaurant serving island pork, Okinawan cuisine, and Okinawa soba. The Yanbaru Island pork served here is not a pure breed of Aguu pig, but is a hybrid of the Ryukyu native breed Aguu, the American black pig Duroc and the British Parkshire pig. “Ganaha Chikusan” has registered “Aguu” as a trademark of JA Okinawa, so it ships pigs crossed with Aguu and Western pigs under the name of “Yanbaru Island Pork.” By the way, the pork that is written as “アグー” in katakana is also a hybrid, not the original Aguu. Okinawan islands traditional pigs (called Shimabuta or Aguu) are the name of Okinawan pigs […]

  • Tamaudun in Shuri, Okinawa

    Tamaudun in Shuri, Okinawa

    Tamaudun is located near the ruins of Shuri Castle, a short walk from the Shureimon Gate, and is a mausoleum of successive generations of the Ryukyu royal family nestled in greenery. It was built in 1501 by King Sho Shin of the Ryukyus (reigned 1477-1526) to rebury the remains of his father, King Sho En, from a place called Mikamimoriryo. have become. The last person to be buried at Gyokuryo was King Sho Tai in 1901. You can see the situation at that time in the photograph. The tomb chamber of Tamaudun is divided into three. In the above photo (composite), the entrance gate to the courtyard is visible, and three entrances can be […]

  • Sonohyan Utaki Stone Gate of Shurijo Castle, Okinawa

    Sonohyan Utaki Stone Gate of Shurijo Castle, Okinawa

    Sonohyan Utaki Ishimon is a stone gate located near Shureimon after exiting the castle gate of Shurijo Castle. It is a rustic gate that you will not notice anything if you pass it, but it is designated as one of the World Heritage Sites. Utaki is a place of worship in Ryukyu, and there is a place called Shurimori Mitake in Shurijo Castle. Sonohyan Utaki was once an important place where the Ryukyu King prayed for the safety of his journey to and from Shurijo Castle. It seems that the mountain area that spreads out behind the stone gate was a sanctuary, and there used to be a stone worship hall. It is said […]

  • Okinawa Shurijo Castle Shureimon

    Okinawa Shurijo Castle Shureimon

    The famous Shureimon gate was the main gate of Shurijo Castle, and was used on the 2,000 yen note. It came to be called Shureimon because the word “守禮之邦 (守礼之邦)” is written on the plaque (the plaque on the top of the gate). It is said to have been built by King Shosei (reigned 1527-1555). It is said that when the envoys from China, the Sapposhi, came to visit, they would raise the plaque of “Shurei no Kuni” to show that Ryukyu is a country that values ​​etiquette. At other times, the forehead “Shuri” was displayed. The former Shureimon was burned down during the Battle of Okinawa, and the current Shureimon was rebuilt in […]

  • Okichan Theater Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

    Okichan Theater Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

    Okichan Theater is a dolphin show in the Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park . Well, if it’s just a dolphin show, you can see it in aquariums here and there these days, and depending on the place, there’s also a killer whale show, so honestly that’s more powerful. Then what is the selling point of Okichan Theater ? Admission is free. As expected of a national park, they are generous. I think people who come all the way to Okinawa will try to pay even if they say, “It’s 1,000 yen,” but it’s free! Another selling point is the place where false killer whales, dolphins that look like whales (without a pointed mouth), perform a show. I have never seen a […]

  • Visit Manatee House at the Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

    Visit Manatee House at the Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

    A corner of the Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park , there is a Manatee Pavilion a little closer to the coast of the Churaumi Aquarium. The manatee is a member of the dugong that lives in the Atlantic Ocean, and is a mammal that is said to be the origin of the mermaid legend. I wonder why there is no exhibition of dugongs that live around Japan, but I think it is rare to see dugongs in other aquariums, even though there are manatees in other aquariums. Is it about Toba Aquarium in Mie Prefecture? Anyway, the Manatee House is famous for being the first in Japan to successfully breed manatees. You can also watch […]

  • Naha Makishi Public Market Okinawa’s No. 1 Market

    Naha Makishi Public Market Okinawa’s No. 1 Market

    Makishi Public Market is located a little south of Naha’s main street, Kokusai Dori. Mutsumi Bridge Street Mutsumibashi Street crosses Kokusai Street at the Mutsumibashi intersection. There is an arcade, so I knew immediately. You can go to the public market from Kokusai-dori through Mutsumi-bashi-dori. Mutsumibashi Street itself is also a very lively street, with souvenir shops, Ryukyu glass shops, and shops selling Kariyushi wear, which can be said to be the Aloha of Okinawa. It’s fun. Makishi Public Market The Makishi public market is located on the west side (on the right side when coming from Kokusai-dori), a little further from Mutsumi-bashi-dori. When I say “market,” I imagine it’s something like a fish […]

  • Churaumi Aquarium and Ocean Expo Park

    Churaumi Aquarium and Ocean Expo Park

    What my children (actually, myself) were most looking forward to during their trip to Okinawa was the Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu Town, near the northern tip of the main island of Okinawa . Everyone gets excited when they see a real whale shark. I had only an image of Churaumi Aquarium = whale sharks , so I was a little surprised when I looked at the guidebook to decide the itinerary for this trip. The Ocean Expo Park (official name is Okinawa Memorial Park Ocean Expo Park ), where the Churaumi Aquarium is located , is also large. You can enjoy the impressions of the actual visit! After seeing the Churaumi Aquarium, I let the children play on the beach, […]

  • Emerald Beach at Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

    Emerald Beach at Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

    Emerald Beach is located at the northern end of Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park . It is quite a distance from the Churaumi Aquarium on foot. The photo below was taken on the way to Emerald Beach on foot. Emerald Beach is a man-made beach, but the white sand beach is very beautiful. It is covered with coral sand, and 3,000 people can swim at once. It was March when my family visited, so there were few people swimming, but the children were delighted just by playing in the water. Since they didn’t have swimsuits, the children took off their trousers and jackets and jabbed. Have a blast picking up pieces of coral. The sun is […]

  • Churaumi Aquarium

    Churaumi Aquarium

    We have visited Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa . The large tanks at the Churaumi Aquarium, where whale sharks and manta rays swim, were very impressive. Children who had always wanted to see whale sharks were also very satisfied. The distance from the Ocean Expo Park parking lot to the aquarium is unexpectedly large, making it a little difficult for small children. However, the aquarium was amazing and made me forget about that fatigue. We stayed in front of the large tank for more than 30 minutes. Without saying anything, just look at the picture below. There are three whale sharks in the large tank of the Churaumi Aquarium, but it is difficult to fit all of them into the lenes […]

  • Enkakuji Temple Ruins and Benzaitendo in Shuri

    Enkakuji Temple Ruins and Benzaitendo in Shuri

    I drove to Shuri Castle from Kokusai Street in Naha where I stayed. Enter Shuri according to the car navigation system and look for a parking lot from the Shurijo Castle Park Management Center, but no parking lot is full. When I had no choice but to go around Shurijo Castle, I found a small parking lot on the street (Tokura-dori) on the north side of Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts. There seemed to be few people coming to this side, so it was empty. Even if you park your car here, it will take less than 10 minutes to reach Shuri Castle. We headed for Shurijo Castle through a narrow street called Ryutan – dori . Enkakuji […]

  • Nakamura Residence, a traditional house in Okinawa

    Nakamura Residence, a traditional house in Okinawa

    To visit Nakamura Residence, take Naha Full-Day Private Tour with Government Licensed Guide. Not many tours visit Nakamura Residence. It seems that traditional Okinawan farmhouses are no longer seen on the main island of Okinawa. If you go to a tourist facility such as Ryukyu Mura, you can see a private house that has been relocated and restored. But the Nakamura House is a private house that has been preserved as it was in its original location, and is designated as an important cultural property of the country. Specified. The existing Nakamura family residence is said to have been built in the middle of the 18th century. Like the nearby Nakagusuku , it is […]

  • Okinawa’s World Heritage Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

    Okinawa’s World Heritage Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

    I was ashamed to say that I didn’t know that there was a medieval castle with stone walls in Okinawa until it was registered as a World Heritage Site. The fact that there was a time when multiple dynasties fought for supremacy in Okinawa is somehow different from the image of a peaceful southern island. Had it not been for the power struggle, there would have been no need for such a strong stone wall. Tours to visit Nakagusuku Nakagusuku Nakagusuku was on top of a small mountain. After driving up the hill, there was a parking lot, and there was a stone monument indicating Nakagusuku. Nakagusuku Castle is said to have been built […]

  • Shurijo Castle Ruins and its surroundings

    Shurijo Castle Ruins and its surroundings

    Shuri is the capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The castle of Nakayama Province was built on this land during the Sanzan period when Ryukyu was divided into three, and it became the capital in 1429 when Ryukyu was unified. Shuri was the political and cultural center of Ryukyu until 1879, when the abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures put the prefectural government in Naha. Shurijo Castle Shurijo Castle is the royal palace of the Ryukyu Dynasty. It is located in Shuri in Naha City, and it seems that Shuri was the center of the Ryukyu government during the Ryukyu dynasty era and was also a castle town. During World War II, Shurijo […]

  • World Heritage Sites in Okinawa: Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu

    World Heritage Sites in Okinawa: Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu

    “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu” is the official name of the World Heritage sites in Okinawa. It was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2000. The ruins of Shuri Castle, Tamaudun, Sonohyan Utaki Stone Gate, Shikinaen Garden, Sefa Utaki, Nakijin Castle Ruins, Zakimi Castle Ruins, Katsuren Castle Ruins, and Nakagusuku Castle Ruins are all nine heritage sites. Nakijin Castle Ruins, Zakimi Castle Ruins, Katsuren Castle Ruins, and Nakagusuku Castle Ruins are from the era of conflict between the three mountains. Shurijo Castle Ruins, Tamaudun, Sonohyan Utaki Stone Gate, Shikinaen, and Sefa Utaki are the ruins of the era after Ryukyu was unified and the Ryukyu Dynasty […]

  • Ryukyu Mura

    Ryukyu Mura

    Ryukyu Mura is a tourist village that preserves and reproduces the culture and traditions of Okinawa ( Click here for the Ryukyu Mura website ). Tours to Ryukyu Mura There are not many tours that visit Ryukyu Mura. If you like to visit Ryukyu Mura by your own, please find the place on Google Map. Our visit to Ryukyu Mura To tell the truth, Ryukyu Mura was not on our schedule until we arrived in Okinawa. The Okinawa Best Guide I bought in advance and used as a reference (however, my family had the 2008 edition) did not include explanations about Ryukyu Mura. About Okinawa, I got a discount coupon from a travel agency […]